12. November 2020

KuCoin hack: exchange managed to recover 84% of funds

Von admin

The KuCoin exchange suffered an attack last September. But the vast majority of affected cryptocurrencies could be recovered by the platform’s teams, which is usually rather rare.

KuCoin recovers funds stolen during the hack

As a reminder, the KuCoin hack had a particularly noted scale this year. First estimated at 150 million dollars, the losses were then evaluated at 281 million dollars . The attackers left with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethers (ETH) as well as ERC-20 tokens.

Johhny Lyu, CEO and co-founder of KuCoin, however communicated on the hack yesterday, and the news is pretty good for the trading platform:

„At the moment, 84% of affected assets have been recovered through various approaches, such as tracking on-chain, updates contact s and judicial recoveries. As law enforcement wants, we will not release details until the case is closed. “

Return to normal expected this month

In addition, the exchange was able to re-unblock exchanges for 176 cryptocurrencies. KuCoin explains that on November 22 all tokens on the site will be available again.

It is therefore 236 million dollars that could be recovered by KuCoin after the hack. The news is rather unusual. In the majority of cases, funds stolen from centralized exchanges are never recovered by companies, which can have particularly harmful consequences for the future of platforms.