12. Dezember 2020

Marathon goes into full force with 10,000 new miners

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Marathon is once again positioning itself in terms of Bitcoin Bank mining. 10,000 units of the latest generation were ordered. In addition, one would like to establish a new position with the help of renewable energies.

On December 9, the Nasdaq-listed mining company Marathon announced that it had acquired a total of 10,000 Antminer S-19j Pro units from the Chinese mining company Bitmainbuys

According to Marathon, after acquiring these new next-generation Bitcoin miners, the company will have a total of 33,560 ASIC miners. Their performance is up to 3.56 exahash (EH / s).

It cannot be denied that Marathon’s goal is to become the largest mining company in North America . They also rely on the help of the energy company Beowulf Energy. Marathon announced that it plans to work with Beowulf Energy to open a new data center powered by renewable energy in the northeastern United States. According to the announcement, Beowulf plans to supply Marathon with 100 (MW) megawatts of energy and offer the option of upgrading to 250MW later. In addition to the existing facility in the state of Montana, a second branch will be built, as Montana CEO Merrick Namamoto reveals.

The new facility will mainly run on clean, renewable electricity. Not only is this cost effective, it also enables us to reduce our ecological footprint. Right now we expect the cost of running our second facility to be on par with the industry leading tariffs we have at our Hardin facility. These are $ 0.028 per kWh for electricity and $ 0.006 per kWh for hosting.

Marathon declares war on the competition

Marathon also says Bitmain will ship 6,000 S-19j Pro Miners in August 2021. The remaining 4,000 will go to the company’s facility in Hardin, Montana in September. After Bitmain closes the deal, Marathons Data Center in Hardin will be busy with a consumption level of 100MW. In terms of cost efficiency, any ASIC Bitcoin miner with a hashrate between 80 and 100 Terahash will earn over $ 8.50 or more per day per unit. This is a calculation by the news portal bitcoin.com refer to.

Provided that the electricity costs stated by Okamoto are actually applicable. With the current Bitcoin Mining Difficulty , the 3.56 exahash per second would mean that Marathon can mine 14.5 BTC per day. These numbers illustrate the ambition of marathons to tap a lion’s share of the hashrate from the western part of the world. It remains to be seen what countermeasures the competition in the form of Hut8 or Riot Blockchain will take.