19. März 2023

OKX Suffers Network Outage, Technical Team Investigating

Von admin

• OKX suffered a temporary server outage on March 17 due to an issue with its matching engine.
• The team resolved the issue within an hour while ensuring all funds remained safe.
• This is the second network outage OKX has encountered in the past three months.

OKX Suffers Network Outage

On March 17 crypto exchange OKX suffered a temporary server outage which was solved in about an hour. The OKX team said in a Twitter update that the outage was due to a matching engine problem, but assured investors that all funds remained safe. After solving the problem, OKX resumed service provision and had a cancel-only period for trades that had been initiated before the downtime.

Previous Outage

This is not the first time that OKX has experienced network outages– last December, their services were down for close to 24 hours due to a previous failure of Alibaba Cloud in Hong Kong. Following this most recent outage, the crypto exchange promised to carry out a postmortem to get to the root cause of it.

User Concerns

Users took to social networks such as Twitter with concerns regarding the downtime and its potential repercussions on their positions– with one user complaining they couldn’t sell @BabyDogeCoin pump during this time period. To reassure users, OKX responded by asking them to contact customer service if they had any issues or problems related to liquidations caused by the downtime.

Apology and Resumption of Services

OKX apologized for any inconvenience caused by this downtime and resumed full services from 5:27 pm UTC+8 after having started off with just a cancel-only session following resolution of their problem.


True to their word, once everything was back up and running smoothly again, OKX announced they would do a post-mortem review once everything was okay in order to prevent similar occurrences from happening again in future.