13. Februar 2023

Optimism Sets Up Donation Address for Earthquake Victims in Turkey

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• Optimism Protocol and Connext have collaborated to launch a donation system for earthquake victims in Turkey.
• This system allows people to donate funds directly and non-custodially through the blockchain.
• Optimism Protocol has also launched a new governance portal called Optimism Agora.

Earthquake Relief Efforts Through Blockchain

As Turkey recovers from the catastrophic earthquake that took thousands of lives, several blockchain projects are now launching donation campaigns to assist affected regions. On Feb 11th, Connext, a decentralized exchange and payment network, announced on Twitter that they had created a new system allowing TurkeyReliefDAO to accept donations across multiple chains. Shortly after, Optimism Protocol, a layer-2 scaling solution for Ethereum also tweeted that they had set up a donation address so people could send support directly to the affected areas.

Benefits of Noncustodial Donations

This coordinated effort by Connext and Optimism Protocol is an example of how blockchain can be leveraged for social good. By creating a system for noncustodial donations, these organizations are allowing people to contribute to relief efforts without relying on centralized intermediaries. This helps ensure transparency and accountability and enables funds to reach those in need more quickly than with traditional methods.

Optimism Agora Launched

In addition to setting up the donation address, Optimism Protocol also announced the launch of their new on-chain governance portal: Optimism Agora. This portal was built by Agora and brings Token House votes fully onto the chain which will help increase efficiency when it comes to voting processes as well as provide more transparency when it comes to decision making within projects using this protocol.

Social Good Initiatives

The collaboration between Connext and Optimism Protocol is just one example of how blockchain technology can be used for social good initiatives such as disaster relief. By leveraging distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain, these organizations are able to enable trustless transactions which increase speed while still providing necessary security measures needed when dealing with sensitive humanitarian issues such as this one.


The use cases for distributed ledger technology (DLT) continue growing daily from finance all the way into philanthropy and disaster relief initiatives such as this one in Turkey where many lives were tragically lost due to earthquakes recently hitting parts of Syria and Turkey alike earlier this month. With DLT protocols like Ethereum’s Layer 2 scaling solution “Optimistic” leading the way on coordinating donations among other projects like Connet Network’s platform—it looks likely that we may see these types of relief efforts become more commonplace over time as DLT continues gaining traction globally throughout various industries around us today