27. August 2023

Tornado Cash Developer Released on Bail After Money Laundering Charges

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• Tornado Cash developer Roman Storm has been granted bail.
• He was charged with money laundering and other charges by the US Department of Justice.
• Brian Klein, attorney for Roman Storm, expressed his disappointment over the prosecution’s decision to charge him for his involvement in software development.

Tornado Cash Developer Granted Bail

Roman Storm, co-founder of the cryptocurrency mixing service Tornado Cash, has been granted bail after being apprehended by the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) on charges including money laundering on Aug. 23. His attorney, Brian Klein, confirmed this news via the X platform and expressed his disappointment over the prosecution’s decision to charge him for involvement in software development.

Charges Against Developers

The United States authorities had levied specific charges against developers associated with Tornado Cash services for their involvement in running the service, accusing them of laundering over $1 billion in criminal proceeds as well as conspiring to violate sanctions and operating an unlicensed money-transmitting business.

Tornado Cash Sanctioned

In August 2022, the US Department of Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) imposed sanctions on Tornado Cash due to its use by malicious actors to launder unlawfully acquired crypto assets. As a result, any assets held in Tornado Cash are frozen while transactions to or from it are prohibited and its code is banned (although effectively shutting down it is nearly impossible). Examples of fraudulent activities related to its usage surfaced shortly after when hackers exploited it to launder a segment of stolen funds worth $320 million from Horizon Bridge breach incident in 2022.

Implications For Software Developers

Brian Klein expressed serious concerns about implications that might this case have on software developers who will now live under fear that any work they do may be brought up against them as a crime instead of praised for innovation and creativity. He believes that this novel legal theory used by prosecutors should not be encouraged as it is dangerous and sets a bad precedent for software developers all around the world.


In conclusion, Roman Storm’s arrest highlights again how vulnerable cryptocurrency users can be when using privacy tools such as mixers or tumblers which could potentially be misused if there are no proper regulations or security protocols implemented within their framework. Therefore it is recommended that users remain aware of potential risks while utilizing these services as well as familiarize themselves with local laws regarding cryptocurrencies before engaging in any activities involving them